Bluetooth Version Of Oximeter High Specification

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Specification : 

Material: ABS+LED
Power supply mode: two AAA batteries (batteries NOT included)
Specification: 8*6.5*3.7cm
Model: X6
Weight: 50g
Applicable parts: hands
Color: white English (Bluetooth version), white English (normal version)

Product name: Pulse oximeter
Measurement range of arterial blood oxygen saturation: 5%-99%
SpO2 accuracy: ±1% within the range of 90%-99%;
±2% within the range of 70%-89%;
Other ranges are not defined
Arterial oxygen saturation alarm range: consistent with the display range, set the step size to 1%
Pulse frequency range: 30bpm-250bpm
Pulse rate accuracy: ±1bpm
Pulse rate alarm range: consistent with the display range, set the step length to 5bpm
Data update cycle: 0.25s-2s
PR Arterial Oxygen Saturation Average: 8
Pulse frequency tone: PR tone
Peak wavelength range: 500nm-100nm
Maximum optical output power: 150mW
Pulse rate display: digital

Widely used at home, medical institutions and communtiy centes etc Accurately measure SPO2 and POR
Low battery indicator Low power consumption;Auto power off when no signal
Pulse sound function Small in size and light in weight

Display specification: 0.96 inch TFT
Power consumption: during normal measurement, less than 10ma, during power failure, less than 50uA
Support Bluetooth function with App.

Package Content : OximeterX1